About OEM and ODM

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About OEM and ODM

Utilizing the formulation and manufacturing technologies we have cultivated in the infant care industry, we have developed a system for planning, proposing and manufacturing skin care products that foster gentleness with safety and peace of mind. If you are considering newly entering the field of cosmetics or household detergents, or if you are considering outsourcing your manufacturing division, please feel free to contact us.

Examples of OEM and ODM Works

  • Cosmetic Manufacturer: Development of high-quality cosmetics for adult use
  • Cosmetic Manufacturer: Development of cosmetics with improved moisturizing capabilities
  • Hotel Operation Company: Development of detergents for professional use
  • Rental and Sales Services: Development of detergents for professional use
  • Food Manufacturer: Development of detergents for use with food
  • Building Maintenance Company: Development of detergents for professional use
  • Automobile Manufacturer: Development of detergents for professional use

Product Development Process

Planning and Proposals
With customer satisfaction as our number one priority, we provide information on all aspects from raw materials to container packaging. We also plan, propose and draft highly competitive products in line with customer wishes.
Trial Production
We conduct trial productions until customers are satisfied with every aspect from examination of appropriate components through to creation of formulas in line with customer wishes.
Determination of Formulas and Specifications
We determine product formulas and specifications backed by reliable quality testing as we subject trial products to safety, stability and functionality testing.
Estimate, Contract and Order
We provide an estimate after determining product formulas and specifications. Then, customers sign a contract and make orders.
Pharmaceutical Application
*Applies to cosmetics and quasi drugs.
We handle the pharmaceutical application process. In the case of quasi drugs, an examination period of approximately six months is required.
We carefully manufacture valuable products one by one in an environment maintained by highly-controlled air conditioning and sanitation equipment.
Shipping and Delivery
We strictly adhere to delivery deadlines. And after delivery, we confirm safety and security by conducting five-year aging tests on each product lot.


Q. Is it possible to use the PIGEON name or that the product was jointly developed?
A. It is possible to use the name PIGEON HOME PRODUCTS. However, the name PIGEON is not usable.
Q. It is possible to manufacture small lots?
A. We accept orders of 3,000 units or more. For details, please contact us.
Q. We would like to get our product on the market quickly. Can you help us?
A. We have a many stock formulas. Please feel free to contact us.
Q. What kinds of products can be manufactured?
A. It is possible to manufacture liquid products. For example, it is possible to manufacture detergents for home use, softeners, deodorizers, body soap, shampoo, emulsions, creams, lotions, disinfectants, hand soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.
Q. Can you provide us with an estimate?
A. We can calculate an estimate as soon as we know the overall formula and specifications.